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Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMA kelas XI


Mata Pelajaran   : BAHASA INGGRIS
Sat. Pendidikan  : SMA
Kelas / Program : XI IPS  ( SEBELAS IPS )

1.    Tulis nomor dan nama Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan
2.    Periksa dan bacalah soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda bekerja
3.    Kerjakanlah soal anda pada lembar jawaban
4.    Gunakan waktu dengan efektif dan efisien
5.    Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas


Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C, D or E!

A Number of devices are available to help in the effort to quit smoking. Nicotine patches are small, nicotine-containing adhesive substances that are applied to the skin. The nicotine is slowly absorbed through the skin and enters the blood stream. Over time, the nicotine dose is lessened and eventually the craving for nicotine is alleviated. Nicotine gum works in a similar manner, providing small doses of nicotine when chewed.

The benefits of smoking cessation include the immediate reduction of health hazards for the smoker, lower health insurance premiums, and easier admission to social activities and institutions that ban smoking. Nonetheless, to quit smoking is difficult, most likely because smokers crave the effect of the nicotine in the smoke. In a 1988 report, the U.S. surgeon general declared nicotine to be an addictive drug comparable to other addictive substances in its ability to induce dependence. The report also called the monetary and human costs far greater than those attributable to cocaine, alcohol, or heroin. Some recent evidence supports this claim, indicating that the overall mortality attributable to tobacco smoking in the United States is about 20 times that of the mortality due to all other addictive drugs combined.

1.   What is the main purpose of the text?
      a.   To persuade people to stop smoking.
      b.   To inform people of ways to stop and shy they should stop smoking.
      c.   To recent evidence support this claim.
      d.   To show people of the danger of smoking.
      e.   To convince people to use nicotine patches to stop smoking.

2.   Here are some facts about nicotine patches, except:
      a.   They are used by placing it upon the skin.
      b.   They can be absorbed trough the skin.
      c.   They can help smokers quit smoking.
      d.   They help smokers decrease their dependency on nicotine.
      e.   The benefits of smoking cessation include the immediate reduction of health hazards.

3.   The text concludes that nicotine....
      a.   is an additive drug comparable
      b.   is a dangerous as cocaine, alcohol, or heroin
      c.   is lessened when smokers chew gums
      d.   will be absorbed through the skin
      e.   are available to help smokers quit smoking

4.   The advantage of stop smoking are the following, except:
      a.   Ex-smokers can avoid some diseases.
      b.   Smoking in USA is about 20 times.
      c.   Ex-smokers can have better social life.
      d.   Ex-smokers can pay lower health insurance premium.
      e.   Ex-smokers can be admitted to social institutions.

5.   Which of the following statements is true?
      a.   To quit smoking is not easy, that’s why most smokers crave the effect of the nicotine in the smoke.
      b.   The nicotine doesn't lessened and eventually the craving for nicotine isn't alleviated.
      c.   U.S. declared nicotine to be an addictive drug less addictive that other addictive substance in its ability to induce dependence.
      d.   In the U.S., the overall mortality because of tobacco smoking greater than that of the mortality because of cocaine, alcohol, or heroin.
      e.   In the U.S., the monetary and human costs because of cigarettes are equal to those caused by other addictive substances.

TOKYO: A Japanese man who stole valuable king crabs from a fish marker was arrested after accidentally locking himself inside a freezer, a police spokesman said on Tuesday.
Unemployed Hirohisa Matsumoto, 32, allegedly broke into a fish marker’s freezes storage in Kagoshima, southern Japan, early on December 23 last year. Police said Matsumoto had netted ¥42,000 (US$400) worth of king crabs, and other seafood. However, it is alleged when back into the freezer to fetch more, the door closed, locking him inside.
Police said Matsumoto was trapped in the freezer, where the temperature was minus 16 degrees Celcius (3.2 degrees Fahrenheit), for about 20 minutes. He used his mobile phone to call a friend, who then asked a security guard to open the freezer door, police said.
Investigators believed the man could have died had his mobile phone failed to work.. – AFP

6.   The following statements are true, except:
      a.   Horohisa Matsumoto stole crab for the first time.
      b.   Hirohisa Matsumoto was lucky.
      c.   Hirohisa Matsumoto went into the freezer more than once.
      d.   Hirohisa Matsumoto was alone when he stole the crabs.
      e.   Hirohisa's old is 32.

7.   The topic of the above text is....
      a.   Matsumoto was trapped in the freezer.
      b.   A criminal who was trapped inside of a fish market.
      c.   A Japanese man who stole valuable king crabs from a fish market.
      d.   A. Japanese man who allegedly broke into a fish market’s freezer storage in Kagoshima.
      e.   A crab thief who was arrested after being rescued from a freezer.

8.   The meaning of the last sentence of the text is that....
      a.   The man died in the freezer because he had a mobile phone.
      b.   The man was lucky that his mobile phone can be used to call for help.
      c.   The man was arrested because he call a security guard to rescue him from the freezer.
      d.   The man will die.
      e.   The man was dead when his mobile phone failed to work.

A golf course is divided into 18 sections, called holes. The standard course is about 6500 to 7000 yr (about 5900 to 6400 m). The individual holes may vary in length from 100 to 600 yd (about 90 to 550 m). Each hole has at one end a starting pint known as a tee end, imbedded in the ground at the other end and marked by a flag, a cup or cylindrical container (also called a hole) into which the ball must be propelled in order to complete play at each hole. The cup is usually made of metal or plastic, 4.2 in (10.8 cm) in diameter, and at least 4 in (10 cm) deep.
9.   The topic of the above text is....
      a.   The cup.                                                    d.   Golf course standards           
      b.   World standards’ golf course                    e.   Golf course’s facilities
      c.   Golf course is divided into 18 sector

10. The following sentences abut golf course are true, except:
      a.   Golf courses have 18 holes.
      b.   Golf courses diver in length and width.
      c.   Golf courses have only one tee.
      d.   Golf courses have tees, which are marked by flags.
      e.   Golf is an expensive game.

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